hello! my name is kyle, i am an 18 year old male living in england and a self-confessed hippie at heart.

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Oblivion | Grimes

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i just fell asleep for 0.5 seconds and in that time i dreamt that we ran out of water so all 7 billion people on earth blew raspberries (mouth bubble things) at the same time and created a new ocean out of our spit and i need to lay down again that was all a bit too much

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if there’s one thing i don’t understand about humanity it’s the active killing of other humans when they have differing opinions. sit down. have a biscuit. drink some tea. play mario kart. don’t stab each other. it’s not that hard really???

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everyday my mum asks me if i want a tattoo done by her in our studio and everyday i say maybe and everyday she like gets out all her work and tattoo books to help me choose what i want and she’s so eager for me to have one i think she really just wants to watch me in pain

(but i think i’ve decided on either the tree if life or the 8 spoked wheel on my middle finger of my right hand but idk????)

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